Does the Docufold fold A3?


Can the Morgana Digifold crease and fold?


How many fold can the digifold do on one page?

It can do 2 folds on one page

Can the Junior Perforate and Score?

It can perforate and score with an additional unit on it.

What is the difference between the Junior and Major?

The Morgana Junior is manually set up, where as the Morgana Major is manually set up.

Im looking for an easy to use folder, is the Morgana Junior appropriate?

The Morgana Junior very easy to use, just 2 settings involved in setting it up.

Can the Morgana folder perf at the same time?

Yes, with an additional perforation unit.

Is the Morgana folder suction?

Yes it is.

Is the Morgana folder single phase?

Yes, the Morgana Folders are single phase.

Where can I get parts for a Morgana folder?

Morgana are still stocking the parts for all of their folders, you can either get them from us, or directly from Morgana.