Does the creaser fold as well?

No, but there is a machine called the Morgana Digifold that can crease and fold.

Can the creaser perform any other functions?

The Autocreaser can perforate and score with an additonal unit attached.

Does the Duplo SCC Unit need to be on a Duplo system?

Yes, the Duplo SCC Unit needs to be attached to a Duplo system. It is not stand alone.

Is the Rollem 30" hand fed or automatically fed?

The Rollem 30" is manually friction fed.

Are the Morgana Autocreasers suction fed?

Yes, they use the same suction unit used on all Morgana suction machines, e.g. Morgana FSN, Digifold 

What is the difference between the Morgana Autocreaser and the Morgana Autocreaser pro?

The difference between the Morgana Autocreaser and the Autocreaser pro is that the pro has a digital display to guide with sep up and programs whereas the Autocreaser has more of a manual set up.

Can the Morgana Autocreaser perforate?

Yes the Morgana Autocreaser can perforate with an addition unit connected.

Can the Morgana Autocreaser crease paper and card?

Yes, infact the Morgana Autocreaser works better with paper thicker than 80gsm!