Can the tower collator be separated and used with a jogger?

Yes, it can.

Can some of the bins be used without others?

Yes, some of the bins can be used without others.

What can I use a digital feeder for?

When your work has come from a digital printing machine, it will already be pre-collated. The digital feeder takes pre-collated sets and counts the sheets; rather than having to collate them as well. 

What is best for me? a collator or a digital feeder?

It depends, if you're printing litho a collator is better, if you're printing digital, a digital feeder is better (if your work is pre-collated).

What does the Duplo 5000 have that the 4000 doesn’t?

The Duplo 5000 has a colour touch screen display that makes it easier to set up, and its programmable.

How does a bookletmaking system work?

It feeds the sheets in, and then it stitches or staples the middle of the sheet it then folds the sheet in half. then the fore-edge is trimmed. Finally you have a booklet!

Whats better Horizon or Duplo?

The machines are very similar. There are a lot more Duplo engineers in the UK as opposed to Horizon The Horizon is a very similar build quailty and parts are a similar cost.

Can the Setmaster 14/7 duplex do two different max paper sizes?

Yes, it can do any size from A6 up to whatever size machine you have, due to the unique way the suckers pick up the paper.

Can I use just a couple of the bins if I want?

Yes, you can use 1 or all of the bins, you just turn the air off on the bins you are not going to use. 

Can I used different sized paper in each bin and still collate?

Yes you can.

How do the horizontal collators work?

They pick the sheets up and send them down the spine of the machine each one picking up the next one as it goes past the bin.

Is the Horizon vac 100 suction?

It is suction and belt feed.

Is the Duplo 10/60 suction?

The Duplo 10/60 is suction

Does the booklet maker use stitch wire or staples?

The Horizon SPF booklet makers use stitch wire, the Duplo 3000, 4000 and 5000 also use stitch wire. The smaller Duplo DBM120 uses staples. The Horizon SPF9 uses staples.

Can a Duplo 5000 three knife trim?

You can add a Duplo three knife trimmer to the Duplo 5000 but, they are hard to come by and quite rare; this is because the machine jogs the paper it is not necessarily needed.

Whats the difference between a booklet maker and a perfect binder?

A booklet maker staples the pages and folds them in half whereas a perfect binder glues the pages to the cover.

What does the MC and VAC mean on a Horizon system?

The MC uses sucker cups whereas the VAC uses a sucker belt system. The VAC is a newer version of the MC.