What type of glue does the binder use?

They use perfect binding glue, which is a special glue that melts at a certain temperature.

Where can I buy the glue for a perfect binder?

Perfect binding glue can be found at most print finishing solution companys such as and

Does the binder side glue?

Binders can have an optional side glue, the Grafik 55GB and the small Duplo binders don't. You tend to find side gluers on bigger binders as it's needed for bigger books.

What is PUR glue?

PUR is a completely different type of gluing system. PUR is used for digital print. You can get a glue for a normal binder that will do digital print, this makes PUR a little bit redundant. PUR glue needs a PUR gluing machine, they're a lot more fiddly. They need cleaning out after each use and they go of reaction to air as opposed to being cooled down to dry. 

How long does it take for the glue to dry?

You need to leave the glue a minimum of 24 hours after the job is done for the glue to fully cure properly.