IRAM 16 Four Head Paper Drill


IRAM 16 Four Head Paper Drill

£2,950 Excluding VAT

Lancaster, United Kingdom


The Iram 16 4 Headed paper drill is heavy duty piece of machinery, it can be fitted with 2-10 drilling heads. Having this piece of equipment allows the machinist to drill quantities of even the densest stock but also be able to drill specific sized holes which you require.

IRAM 16 paper drill is the vital piece of equipment for finishing and printing machines. mainly used for personal organisers, diaries an calenders.

A key and most useful feature about the Iram 16 is that it has quick release drill heads, meaning different drill heads can be changed with in a matter of seconds with a small simple tool. This in favour saves you time and more beneficial to you and company.

• Hydraulic table lift operation 

• 75mm pile height 

• Simple to operate 

• Handles Filofax and similar applications 

• Centre to centre distances from 19.05mm 

• Drill bit sharpness indicator 

• Upgradable by adding extra heads (between 2 and 10 heads) 

• Hand operated drill sharpener


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