OMM VENUS 2 - Twin Head Paper Drill

OMM VENUS 2 - Twin Head Paper Drill

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Foot pedal model This machine is especially designed to drill two holes at time. The bedplate is pressed steel. The main bead unit is in cast aluminium. The drilling movement is manual by the use of a handle which is acting on a rack and gear with parts running on machined guides. The drilling heads are adjustable in order to have the drills at the same level. A tooth belt and a drive motor assist the drive of the drilling heads. The VENUS is equipped with a tabulator for the execution of multiple hole drilling and with a system for waste collection. The VENUS may be converted to the VENUS 2 by adding a stand with a foot pedal. The stand is supplied dismantled and is easily reassembled. WORKING TABLE SIZE 65 x 35 cm. - 20' 9/16 x 14' MOTOR POWER HP 0.75 POWER SUPPLY 220 V - 380 V 3 DRILLING DEPTH: 80 mm. - 3' ½ MINIMUM DISTANCE between holes 45 mm. - 1' ¾ MAXIMUM DISTANCE between holes 115 mm. - 4' 5/8 DRILLING MAXIMUM THICKNESS 50 mm. DRILLING CAPACITY Diam. 3 - 14 mm. PACKING SIZES 81 x 77 x 87 cm. NET WEIGHT 95 Kg. GROSS WEIGHT 125 Kg At Print and FInish we offer a quick turnaround once we have received payment for your item, usually 2 - 3 working days depending on the size of your purchase. If you require installation we can supply one of our experienced engineering team to do this for you at extra cost. Our UK sales are shipped out using our local haulage company, the items are fully secured to wooden pallets and sealed with film to weatherproof them during transport. We are set up to offer worldwide shipment for the print industry, so no matter the size of your order, we will get it to you on time and on budget. Machines are sealed into strong wood crates that are sourced from sustainable materials, which are then collecting by our shipping agent and distributed to you by either Air or Sea, depending on your preference


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