Sharp Interpack 5 Station Blister Sealing Machine / Blister Packer

Sharp Interpack 5 Station Blister Sealing Machine / Blister Packer

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Blister Sealer Sharp Interpack with: 5 sealing stations Semi-automatic Rotary Blister Sealer What Is a Blister Sealing Machine? How Does a Blister Packaging Machine Work? A captured blister machine is designed specifically to create blister packaging, securely locking your product in a plastic clamshell or blister pack until the customer opens it. Only these machines can create this type of packaging. Once you have a blister packaging machine, using it is simple. Just load your package into the machine. The plastic blisters seal your product automatically. Little maintenance or regulation is needed — the machine essentially does it all. You can load product after product into the machine and see perfectly sealed packages come out every time. There are a number of different ways your automated captured blister machine can package your products, including: Traditional/Full-Face Blisters: These heat-seal your product using a heated plate and pressure to seal. Captured Blisters: They use heat and pressure or pressure only to seal one card to the other. What Are the Benefits of Having Your Own Blister Packaging Machine? A blister packaging machine gives you full control over your products, how they look and how well-protected they are for your customers. With a customizable blister packaging machine, you can secure products for transit, make your items appear more pristine, improve your branding and visibility, and even create individual compartments, such as for portioning out medicine and other simular items At Propac Machinery we offer a quick turnaround once we have received payment for your item, usually 2 - 3 working days depending on the size of your purchase. If you require installation we can supply one of our experienced engineering team to do this for you at extra cost. Our UK sales are shipped out using our local haulage company, the items are fully secured to wooden pallets and sealed with film to weatherproof them during transport. We are set up to offer worldwide shipment for the print industry, so no matter the size of your order, we will get it to you on time and on budget. Machines are sealed into strong wood crates that are sourced from sustainable materials, which are then collecting by our shipping agent and distributed to you by either Air or Sea, depending on your preference


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