2019 Setmasters Col-Tec Solutions 6 Station Digital 350mm x 350mm Deep Pile collator

2019 Setmasters Col-Tec Solutions 6 Station Digital 350mm x 350mm Deep Pile collator

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Setmasters Col-Tec Solutions 6 Station Digital 350mm x 350mm Deep Pile set collator 

35cm x 35cm Signature format collator with 500mm deep pile depth. 3000/6000 cph.

  • Automatic tilt adjusting deep pile feed stations

Col-Tec has developed a versatile collator specifically designed to handle heavier and bulkier items such as signatures, stitched books, and perfect bound books. This machine is widely used in Perfect Binding and Mail Fulfilment applications due to its ability to efficiently manage these types of products.

Key Features of the Col-Tec Signature Collator:

  1. Deep Pile Feeders:
  • Fitted with adjustable back and side guides to support products.
  • Deep pile tables that automatically tilt and adjust to the contours of uneven piles, ensuring a straight edge at the point of pick-up.
  • Can handle stack depths up to 30mm by default, with options to increase to 70mm or even 140mm for extreme cases.
  1. Transport Conveyor Flites:
  • Designed to handle set thicknesses up to 30mm, with the option to increase this to meet customer requirements.
  1. Automatic Conveyor Knock-Up Belts:
  • Ensure that a well-registered set is transferred to the in-line Exit Delivery Conveyor-Stacker (EDC).
  1. Exit Delivery Conveyor-Stacker (EDC):
  • Collects collated sets in multiple stacks, each approximately 70mm deep.
  • Automatically advances to a new stacking position when the current one is full.
  • Can be configured with 4, 6, or 8 stacking positions, giving a combined stack depth of up to 560mm.
  • Can be unloaded safely without stopping the collator, or the machine can stop automatically when all stacking positions are full.
  • Optional offset stacking facility available to separate each collated set as needed.

Promotional printing present The Col-Tec Signature collator and targeted at companies seeking a cost-effective automatic gatherer with quick setup times. It serves as an ideal primary collator or as an addition to existing perfect binding lines that are either fully occupied or too slow to change over. This makes the Col-Tec Signature collator a competitive option in a market typically dominated by larger, more expensive, and operator-intensive equipment.

By offering a machine that is easy to set up and operate, Col-Tec aims to provide a solution for businesses looking to enhance their production capabilities without significant investment in more complex systems.

A "6 Station" collator has six feeding stations, meaning it can handle up to six different stacks of pages or signatures (groups of pages) at once. The term "signature" in printing refers to a group of pages that are printed on a single sheet of paper, which is then folded, trimmed, and bound together with other signatures to create a complete book or booklet.

The Col-Tec 6 Station Signature collator is used in the following process:

  1. Loading: Operators load stacks of printed sheets into each of the six stations.
  2. Collating: The machine sequentially picks sheets from each station to compile them into sets.
  3. Output: The collated sets are then collected for further processing, such as folding, stitching, or binding.


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