Morgana Digifold 5000p Fold Crease

Morgana Digifold 5000p Fold Crease

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The DigiFold is an automatic creasing / folding machine designed specifically for the professional digital or litho printer who has a need to crease and fold digitally printed, heavy weight or cross grained stock, It is one of the most desirable machines at ppm

By combining the functions of creasing and folding in a single compact unit, Morgana has provided the printer with a highly productive, easy to use mobile finishing centre that is equally effective with digital output or with heavy crossgrained stocks printed by conventional means and laminated stocks. The DigiFold has successfully satisfied many customers problems of being able to crease and fold, without marking, in one simple operation.

By incorporating yet more patented technology, the DynaCrease, we have managed to increase the speed to over 5,000 A4 sheets an hour. Speed increases when running smaller stocks and is achieved by creasing the sheet without stopping it, yet maintaining an accuracy of +/- 0.1mm.

700mm x 358mm sheet size

Eliminates cracking & scratching

Crease & fold 400gsm

Heavy duty Suction feed


Very fast make-ready

5000+ A4 sheets per hour

Fully programmable

Heavy duty construction

Fully automatic setup

The Morgana DigiFold 5000P is a high-performance paper folding and creasing machine designed for digital print finishing. It's particularly useful for handling the unique requirements of digital printing, where traditional folding methods might cause cracking or damage to the printed material. Here's a detailed overview of its features and capabilities:

Morgana DigiFold 5000P

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Folding and Creasing:
  • Simultaneous Folding and Creasing: The DigiFold 5000P combines folding and creasing in a single pass, which prevents cracking on digital prints and ensures high-quality results.
  • Automatic Setup: The machine automatically sets up for different paper sizes and fold types, reducing the time and effort required for adjustments.
  1. High Productivity:
  • Fast Operation: Capable of processing up to 6,000 sheets per hour, the DigiFold 5000P is designed for high-volume environments.
  • Large Capacity: Equipped with a high-capacity feeder, it can handle long runs without constant reloading.
  1. Versatility:
  • Multiple Fold Types: Supports a wide range of fold types, including half fold, letter fold, Z fold, gate fold, and more.
  • Varied Paper Sizes and Weights: Can handle a wide range of paper sizes and weights, making it suitable for various print jobs.
  1. User-Friendly Interface:
  • Touchscreen Control: Features an intuitive touchscreen interface for easy operation and setup.
  • Preset Programs: Includes preset programs for common fold types, which simplifies the setup process.
  1. Quality and Precision:
  • Accurate Creasing: The creasing mechanism is designed to ensure precise and consistent creases, which is crucial for the professional appearance of finished products.
  • Gentle on Digital Prints: Specifically engineered to handle digital prints delicately, preventing damage to toner and inkjet prints.
  1. Robust Construction:
  • Durable Build: Built with high-quality materials to ensure long-term reliability and consistent performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • Speed: Up to 6,000 sheets per hour
  • Paper Sizes: Accommodates a wide range of sizes from small to large formats
  • Paper Weights: Can handle various weights, from lightweight paper to heavy cardstock
  • Feeder Capacity: High-capacity feeder for continuous operation
  • Folding Types: Multiple folding options available


  • Commercial Print Shops: Ideal for high-volume digital print finishing.
  • In-House Print Departments: Useful for companies with their own printing facilities to produce brochures, newsletters, and marketing materials.
  • Mailing Houses: Efficiently handles the folding and creasing needs for direct mail campaigns.
  • Finishing Departments: Enhances the finishing capabilities of print production environments, ensuring high-quality output.

The Morgana DigiFold 5000P is a versatile and efficient solution for modern digital print finishing, combining speed, precision, and ease of use to meet the demands of high-volume production environments.

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