Used Morgana fsn mk2 Digital Numbering machine

Used Morgana fsn mk2 Digital Numbering machine

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The Morgana FSN, Number, Perforate and Scoring machine. This A3 suction fed machine can do numbering (with up to 8 boxes), perforating and scoring. The design and set up of this machine is flawless and can be used by anyone. DIMENSIONS Overall Length working 1340mm Stored 990mm Width 781mm Height 1050mm Weight 147kgs POWER REQUIREMENT 230v-50Hz60Hz MAXIMUM RUNNING SPEEDS 9000 SPH MAXIMUM NUMBER OF HEADS 8 OPTION MINIMUM SHEET SIZE Length 210mm Width 125mm RECOMMENDED STOCK THICKNESS Maximum 7 part carbonless 5 part carbonless Minimum 56gsm/2 MAXIMUM SPACING OF HEADS ON SAME COLLAR WITH FIRST NUMBER PRINTED ON HEAD OF SHEET Parallel 365mm Convex 354mm MINIMUM SPACING OF HEADS ON SAME COLLAR (RADIAL SPACING) Parallel 50.0mm Convex 73.5mm MINIMUM SPACING OF ADJACENT HEADS Parallel 62mm Convex 48mm

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A printing numbering machine is a mechanical device used for automatic numbering of documents, tickets, forms, and other printed materials. It sequentially imprints numbers, making it easier to manage and organize large volumes of paperwork. Here’s a brief overview of its key features and uses:

### Key Features

1. **Sequential Numbering:** Automatically increases the number after each print, ensuring a unique identifier for each document.

2. **Manual or Automatic Operation:** Some machines can be operated manually, while others are integrated with printing presses for automatic operation.

3. **Adjustable Settings:** Many machines allow users to set the numbering format (e.g., 001, 0001) and the increment (e.g., single, skip numbering).

4. **Durability:** Built to handle high-volume printing tasks with durable materials and precision engineering.

5. **Ink Compatibility:** Can use various types of inks depending on the material being printed.

### Types of Numbering Machines

1. **Handheld Numbering Machines:** Small, portable devices used for low-volume tasks.

2. **Electric Numbering Machines:** Powered machines for higher volume tasks, often with additional features like stamping and perforation.

3. **Mechanical Numbering Heads:** Integrated into printing presses for high-speed, continuous operation.

### Applications

- **Administrative Documents:** Invoices, purchase orders, and contracts.

- **Tickets and Passes:** Event tickets, transportation passes, and admission tickets.

- **Forms:** Serializing forms for easy tracking and reference.

- **Labels:** Product labels, inventory tags, and barcodes.

### Example Brands and Models

- **Rennsteig:** Known for durable handheld numbering machines.

- **NUMA:** Offers a variety of manual and electric numbering machines.

- **RILECART:** Specializes in automatic numbering machines for industrial use.

### Maintenance Tips

- **Regular Cleaning:** Keep the machine clean to prevent ink buildup and ensure smooth operation.

- **Ink Replenishment:** Use the appropriate ink and refill as needed to avoid gaps in numbering.

- **Alignment Checks:** Regularly check the alignment to ensure accurate numbering.

If you need more specific details about a particular model or type of numbering machine, please let me know!


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