Nagel Citoborma 111 Paper drill

Nagel Citoborma 111 Paper drill

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Lancaster, United Kingdom

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The Nagel Citoborma 111 Electric Paper Punch can be used anywhere where a manual perforator is inadequate. In banks, local authority offices, printers, trade and industry, legal and accountancy practices and much much more.

The Nagel 111 Electric Punch easily and safely punches stacks of paper up to 5 cm thick and will punch any hole pattern. With no effort, efficiently and quickly.

The hole patterns for common filing systems are supplied pre-set as standard. Any special hole patterns can be provided at any time.


L 470mm x W 470mm x H 480mm 

Electrical Requirements 

240v 50/60hz 

Product Weight 


PPM Machinery Ltd Unit 7 Southgate White Lund Industrial Estate Morecambe Lancashire LA3 3PB United Kingdom

A paper drill is a machine designed to create clean, precise holes in stacks of paper. It is commonly used in offices, print shops, and binderies where there is a need to bind documents using ring binders or other binding systems. Here’s an overview of paper drills, their features, types, and considerations for choosing the right one:

### Key Features and Functions of Paper Drills:

1. **Drilling Capacity**: The thickness of the paper stack a drill can handle in one operation. This varies depending on the model and its specifications.

2. **Number of Spindles**: Paper drills can have single or multiple spindles, allowing them to drill one or several holes simultaneously. Multi-spindle drills are useful for creating multiple holes quickly and uniformly.

3. **Adjustable Stops**: These allow for precise positioning of the paper stack, ensuring holes are drilled in the correct location every time.

4. **Drill Bit Sizes**: Interchangeable drill bits come in various sizes, enabling different hole diameters to be drilled as needed.

5. **Safety Features**: These include guards and automatic shut-offs to protect the operator from injury.

6. **Ease of Use**: Features like easy-to-adjust table heights, automatic paper feed, and intuitive controls make operation simpler and more efficient.

### Types of Paper Drills:

1. **Manual Paper Drills**: Operated by hand, these are suitable for small to medium volumes of drilling. They are often more affordable and take up less space.

2. **Electric Paper Drills**: Powered by electricity, these machines can handle larger volumes and offer faster drilling speeds. They are ideal for medium to high-volume operations.

3. **Hydraulic Paper Drills**: These heavy-duty machines use hydraulic power to drill through very thick stacks of paper. They are used in high-volume production environments where precision and speed are critical.

4. **Tabletop Paper Drills**: Compact and portable, these drills are designed to sit on a table or workbench. They are typically used for smaller volumes or where space is limited.

5. **Floor-Standing Paper Drills**: Larger, more robust machines designed for high-volume operations. They often have multiple spindles and advanced features for greater efficiency.

### Considerations for Choosing a Paper Drill:

1. **Volume of Use**: Determine the volume of paper you need to drill regularly. Higher volumes require more robust and faster machines.


2. **Type of Paper**: Consider the thickness and type of paper or materials you will be drilling. Some drills are better suited for thicker stacks or special materials like cardstock.

3. **Number of Holes**: Decide how many holes you need to drill and whether you need a single-spindle or multi-spindle machine.


4. **Space and Portability**: Assess the available space in your workspace and whether you need a portable or stationary machine.

5. **Budget**: Balance the features you need with your budget. More advanced machines with higher capacities and additional features will generally be more expensive.

6. **Brand and Support**: Consider reputable brands known for quality and reliability. Good customer support and availability of replacement parts are also important factors.

### Popular Brands and Models:


1. **Challenge Machinery**: Known for durable and reliable paper drills suitable for various volumes and applications.

2. **Lassco Wizer**: Offers a range of manual, electric, and hydraulic paper drills with different capacities and features.

3. **Rhin-O-Tuff**: Specializes in heavy-duty paper drills designed for high-volume use.

4. **Martin Yale**: Provides a variety of paper drilling machines, known for their ease of use and efficiency.

### Applications:


- Preparing documents for binding

- Creating holes for ring binders

- Drilling holes in calendars

- Producing professional reports and presentations

- Craft and DIY projects

Choosing the right paper drill depends on your specific needs, including the volume of paper to be drilled, the type of paper, and the desired speed and efficiency. By considering these factors and evaluating different models, you can find a paper drill that meets your accept bank transfer or cash on collection. A VAT invoice will be supplied with the machine. Pay Pal payment is not accepted


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