duplo system 2000 + Suction collator Fold Stitch Trim Bookletmeker dbm120

duplo system 2000 + Suction collator Fold Stitch Trim Bookletmeker dbm120

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Duplo 10/60 10 station suction collator with the DBM120 Bookletmaker and DBM120T Trimmer. The Duplo 10/60 Paper Collator 10 station is a high-speed suction feed vertical collator, ideal for the demands of the short run, fast turnaround print market. Compared with most suction collators on the market The Duplo 2000 is a flexible and productive collating and bookletmaking system that can turn out different styles of booklet with no fuss for short to mid run finishing requirements. Contact us today to discuss the Duplo 2000 Bookletmaking System Saddle stitch and fold, fold only, corner staple or block staple modes In-put the amount of sheets per set and the DSF 2000 will automatically pick, staple, fold and trim them. Up to 20 sheets per booklet Optical mark recognition Fully automatic setup Rejection tray Up to 20 sheets per booklet Booklet making - Sheet Size (Min./Max.) 10.98” x 8.27” to 17.72” x 12.60” 10/60 Collator Number of bins: 10, Paper Size (Min./Max.) : 4.7” x 5.52” to 14” x 20” Paper Weight: 11 lb. to 12-pt. cover Bin Capacity: 2.5” Detection: Double feed, misfeed, paper jam, Paper transport jam and bin empty Speeds: Booklet making - up to 4,200 sets per hour; Collating - up to 10,000 sets per hour Feed System: Vacuum belt with air sheet separation Duplo DBM-120 Automatic Bookletmaker Features Include - Booklet capacity of up to 20 sheets (100 pages) of 20-lb. stock. - Block capacity of up to 30 sheets of 20-lb stock. - Production speeds of up to 1800 booklets per hour can be achieved. - Programmable with 10 pre-set & three custom sizes - Corner, Side or Regular Booklet Stapling - Can be used used without staple head to fold up to 20 sheets in half - Connects to the Duplo DSF-2000 Set Feeder & DBM-120T Automatic Trimmer. Duplo DBM-120T Automatic Trimmer Features Include - Trim capacity of up to 20 sheets (100 pages) of 20-lb. stock. - Production speeds of up to 2400 booklets per hour can be achieved. - Trim margin of up to 0.79" - Min/Max Booklet Size - 3.94" x 7.87" / 8.86" x 12.60" - Connects to the Duplo DSF-2000 Set Feeder & DBM-120 Bookletmaker. A4 Sheet Speed Max 120 Sheets/Min A4 Booklet Production Max 40 Books/Min A3 Booklet Production Max 30 Books/Min Typical Hourly Production 5 Sheet A4 5800 sheets (= 194 ppm) 5 Sheet A3 4500 sheets (= 300 ppm) Programmes 10 pre-set sizes / 3 custom sizes Sheet Sizes(Min) 279mm x 210mm Sheet Sizes(Max) 457mm x 320mm Booklet Sizes (Min) length 140mm (before trim) x 210mm Booklet Sizes (Max) length 229 (before trim) x width320mm Capacity (80gsm) 20 sheets (with grain) Stitch/Staple Type 2 x Staple (from 2 x 5000 staple cartridge)

A booklet making machine is a specialized piece of equipment used for producing booklets, pamphlets, or small books. These machines are designed to streamline the process of creating booklets by combining multiple functions into one device, making it efficient for both small and large-scale production. Here are the key features and functions of booklet making machines:

### Key Features and Functions:

1. **Collating**: This function organizes printed sheets into the correct sequence before binding. It ensures that pages are in the right order.

2. **Folding**: The machine folds the collated sheets to create a booklet format. This can include single folds or multiple folds, depending on the booklet design.

3. **Stapling/Binding**: The machine staples the booklet along the spine to hold the pages together. Some machines also offer saddle stitching (staples along the spine) or other binding methods like perfect binding.

4. **Trimming**: The machine trims the edges of the booklet to ensure a clean, professional finish. This may involve cutting the top, bottom, and sides of the booklet to the desired size.

5. **Stacking**: Finished booklets are stacked neatly for easy collection and packaging.

### Types of Booklet Making Machines:

1. **Manual Booklet Makers**: These require manual input for some functions, such as feeding sheets or operating the stapler. They are suitable for small-scale production or low-volume needs.

2. **Semi-Automatic Booklet Makers**: These machines automate some processes but may still require manual intervention for certain tasks. They are ideal for medium-sized print shops.

3. **Automatic Booklet Makers**: Fully automated machines that handle all steps from collating to trimming without manual intervention. These are suitable for large-scale production environments and can produce high volumes of booklets efficiently.

4. **Inline Booklet Makers**: Integrated into a printing press or copier, these machines receive printed sheets directly from the printer, collate, fold, staple, and trim them in one continuous process.

### Considerations for Choosing a Booklet Making Machine:

1. **Volume of Production**: Choose a machine that can handle your required production volume.

2. **Type of Booklets**: Consider the size, thickness, and binding style of the booklets you need to produce.

3. **Budget**: Machines vary widely in cost, so it’s important to balance features with your budget.

4. **Space**: Ensure you have enough space for the machine, including room for operation and maintenance.

5. **Ease of Use**: Consider the user-friendliness of the machine, especially if it will be operated by multiple users with varying levels of expertise.

### Popular Brands and Models:

1. **Duplo**: Known for high-quality, reliable booklet making machines suitable for various production needs.

2. **Plockmatic**: Offers a range of booklet makers that can be integrated with printers or used standalone.

3. **Morgana**: Provides versatile booklet makers that handle different sizes and types of booklets.

4. **Standard Horizon**: Known for robust and efficient machines, ideal for high-volume production.

### Applications:

- Educational materials

- Event programs

- Manuals and guides

- Marketing brochures

- Religious pamphlets

- Annual reports

Choosing the right booklet making machine depends on your specific needs and production requirements. It’s essential to evaluate different models, features, and brands to find the best fit for your operation.

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