Morgana fsn numbering machine

Morgana fsn numbering machine

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The Morgana FSN, Number, Perforate and Scoring machine. This A3 suction fed machine can do numbering (with up to 8 boxes), perforating and scoring. The design and set up of this machine is flawless and can be used by anyone. DIMENSIONS Overall Length working 1340mm Stored 990mm Width 781mm Height 1050mm Weight 147kgs POWER REQUIREMENT 230v-50Hz60Hz MAXIMUM RUNNING SPEEDS 9000 SPH MAXIMUM NUMBER OF HEADS 8 OPTION MINIMUM SHEET SIZE Length 210mm Width 125mm RECOMMENDED STOCK THICKNESS Maximum 7 part carbonless 5 part carbonless Minimum 56gsm/2 MAXIMUM SPACING OF HEADS ON SAME COLLAR WITH FIRST NUMBER PRINTED ON HEAD OF SHEET Parallel 365mm Convex 354mm MINIMUM SPACING OF HEADS ON SAME COLLAR (RADIAL SPACING) Parallel 50.0mm Convex 73.5mm MINIMUM SPACING OF ADJACENT HEADS Parallel 62mm Convex 48mm At Print and FInish we offer a quick turnaround once we have received payment for your item, usually 2 - 3 working days depending on the size of your purchase. If you require installation we can supply one of our experienced engineering team to do this for you at extra cost. Our UK sales are shipped out using our local haulage company, the items are fully secured to wooden pallets and sealed with film to weatherproof them during transport. We are set up to offer worldwide shipment for the print industry, so no matter the size of your order, we will get it to you on time and on budget. Machines are sealed into strong wood crates that are sourced from sustainable materials, which are then collecting by our shipping agent and distributed to you by either Air or Sea, depending on your preference

A numbering machine is a device used to sequentially number documents, tickets, or other items. These machines are commonly used in printing, offices, and event management to ensure documents are easily trackable and organized. Here’s a guide on how to use a numbering machine:

### Types of Numbering Machines

1. **Manual Numbering Machines**: Handheld devices where the user manually stamps each number.

2. **Automatic Numbering Machines**: Electric or mechanical devices that automatically advance the number after each imprint.

### Steps to Use a Numbering Machine

#### Using a Manual Numbering Machine:

1. **Setup the Machine**: Ensure the numbering machine is clean and in good working condition.

2. **Load Ink**: If necessary, load the ink pad or ink roller.

3. **Set the Number**: Adjust the wheels or dials to set the starting number.

4. **Adjust the Numbering Style**: Choose the numbering style (consecutive, duplicate, triplicate) using the machine’s settings.

5. **Position the Document**: Place the document on a flat, sturdy surface.

6. **Stamp the Document**: Firmly press the machine onto the document to imprint the number.

7. **Advance the Number**: Manually advance the number if the machine does not do so automatically.

#### Using an Automatic Numbering Machine:

1. **Power On the Machine**: Connect the machine to a power source and turn it on.

2. **Load Ink and Paper**: Ensure the ink cartridge or pad is properly loaded and place the paper in the designated tray or area.

3. **Set the Number**: Use the control panel to set the starting number and adjust the numbering style.

4. **Adjust Settings**: Set the numbering position, spacing, and any other required settings.

5. **Start Numbering**: Begin the numbering process by pressing the start button. The machine will automatically number each document sequentially.

6. **Collect Numbered Documents**: Retrieve the numbered documents from the output tray and verify the numbering sequence.

### Tips for Effective Numbering:

- **Choose the Right Machine**: Select a manual or automatic machine based on your volume and precision needs.

- **Ensure Proper Ink Levels**: Regularly check and refill the ink to maintain clear, legible numbers.

- **Test First**: Run a test document to ensure the number placement and sequence are correct.

- **Regular Maintenance**: Clean and maintain the machine regularly to prevent jams and ensure consistent performance.

### Safety Precautions:

- **Read the Manual**: Always refer to the user manual for specific instructions and safety guidelines.

- **Avoid Loose Clothing**: Ensure clothing and accessories do not get caught in the machine.

- **Keep Hands Clear**: Avoid placing hands near the stamping area while the machine is in operation.

By following these steps and tips, you can effectively use a numbering machine to keep your documents organized and easily trackable.


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