Ideal 4810 Paper guillotine

Ideal 4810 Paper guillotine

£1,500 Excluding VAT

Lancaster, United Kingdom

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  • 475 mm cutting length
  • Electro-mechanical blade drive
  • Spindle guided backgauge with hand crank
  • Measuring scale (mm/inches), located on front table
  • Manual spindle clamp, guided on both sides, with large hand wheel
  • Two side lays each on front and rear tables
  • High-quality blade made from “Solingen steel”
  • Solid steel blade carrier and adjustable blade guides
  • Blade depth adjustment from the outside of the machine
  • Easy blade change from the front of the machine without removing covers
  • Adjustable backgauge with narrow separations and plastic gliders
  • Solid all-metal construction
  • Complete with stand and storage shelf
  • Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz / 1~1
  • Motor performance (input capacity): 1.1 kW

Dimensions (H x W x D): 1360 x 755 x 970 mm, Weight: 194 kg

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A paper guillotine, also known simply as a paper cutter, is a tool designed for cutting large quantities of paper quickly and accurately. Here is a detailed look at its features, operation, and uses:

### Features of a Paper Guillotine

1. **Base**: The flat surface where the paper is placed. It often includes measurement guides, rulers, or grids to help align the paper for precise cutting.

2. **Blade**: The sharp, straight blade that does the cutting. It is typically mounted on a hinge or lever arm.

3. **Lever Arm**: The handle attached to the blade. When pushed down, it forces the blade through the paper.

4. **Paper Clamp**: Some models have a clamp to hold the paper securely in place during cutting, ensuring it does not shift.

5. **Safety Guard**: A feature designed to protect the user from accidentally coming into contact with the blade. It may include a transparent shield or other protective mechanisms.

6. **Adjustable Guides**: These help to ensure consistent cuts by allowing the user to set specific measurements.

### How a Paper Guillotine Works

1. **Place the Paper**: The paper or stack of papers is placed on the base of the guillotine, aligned with the measurement guides.

2. **Align the Paper**: Adjust the paper to the desired cutting line, using the rulers and guides for accuracy. If the guillotine has an adjustable guide, set it to the correct measurement.

3. **Secure the Paper**: If the guillotine includes a clamping mechanism, use it to hold the paper firmly in place.

4. **Cut the Paper**: Push down on the lever arm, which drives the blade through the paper in a straight line. Ensure you keep your fingers away from the cutting area.

5. **Release and Remove**: Lift the lever arm back to its original position and remove the cut paper.

### Uses of a Paper Guillotine

- **Office Use**: Cutting documents, reports, flyers, and other paperwork to size.

- **Educational Institutions**: Preparing materials for classes, trimming handouts, and crafting.

- **Printing and Publishing**: Trimming printed materials, booklets, and brochures for a professional finish.

- **Crafting and Hobbyist Projects**: Cutting paper for scrapbooking, card making, and other creative projects.

### Types of Paper Guillotines

1. **Manual Guillotine**: Operated by manually pushing down the lever arm. Suitable for smaller tasks and lower volumes of paper.

2. **Electric Guillotine**: Features an electrically powered blade for easier and more consistent cutting, ideal for high-volume tasks.

3. **Hydraulic Guillotine**: Uses hydraulic power to operate the blade, providing high precision and efficiency for industrial-scale operations.

### Advantages

- **Precision**: Allows for accurate, straight cuts.

- **Efficiency**: Can cut through multiple sheets of paper at once, saving time.

- **Versatility**: Useful in a variety of settings, from offices to print shops and classrooms.

### Safety Tips

- **Use Guards**: Always ensure that safety guards are in place and used properly.

- **Keep Hands Clear**: Keep fingers and hands away from the cutting area to avoid injury.

- **Follow Manufacturer Instructions**: Use the machine according to the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure safe operation.

Overall, a paper guillotine is a practical and efficient tool for anyone needing to cut paper with precision and ease.


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