EBA 551 Paper Guillotine For Digital Printing

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EBA 551 Paper Guillotine For Digital Printing

£4,000 (GBP)

Lancaster, United Kingdom


Standard features: ~ Hydraulic precision drive for blade and clamping ~ Spindle guided electro-mechanical backgauge drive for precise positioning ~ Electronic hand wheel with infinitely variable speed for fine adjustment of backgauge (53 mm/s) ~ Foot pedal for pre-clamping or cutting line indicator ~ Optical cutting line indicator with LEDs ~ Durable stainless steel working surface for front and rear table ~ Blade made of high quality HSS steel ~ Hydraulic swing cut ~ Solid steel blade carrier guided on both sides ~ adjustable blade depth Safety features "SCS" (SAFETY CUTTING SYSTEM): + Electronically guarded front table area by photocell + Safety guard and safety cover on rear table + Two-hand safety activation with repetition blocking and control for synchronous operation + Automatic return of blade and clamp from every position + Lockable main switch + 24-volt-control + Blade changing device with covered cutting edge + Knocking-up device. Programmable backauge control: > Electronic digital display with an accuracy of 1/10 mm > 10-button-keyboard for pre-setting of measurement > 99 programs with 99 steps each (up to 9 repeat measurements can be integrated in the program as one program step via the "Memory" key > Program runs automatically > Memory key for repeat cuts > Set button for reference measurement > Two programmable keys for quick setting > Self-diagnostic system with error indication on display > Change-over between metric/inch. Cutting Length - 550 mm Cutting capacity - 92/95 mm Minimum cut - 32mm/ 60mm Depth of the table front/rear: 460/570mm Dimensions - 1370 (H) x 1070/1630 (L) x 1400 (W) Power Supply - 230V Total Motor Power - 1.5 kw Weight - 350kg At Promotional Printing Machinery we offer a quick turnaround once we have received payment for your item, usually 2 - 3 working days UK, (other countries may vary) depending on the size of your purchase, unless otherwise agreed. If you require installat...


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