Morgana frn Numbering Perf Score jm

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Morgana frn Numbering Perf Score jm

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The Morgana Numbering machines are the most requested out of all of the Morgana machines we sell. Why? Because they're not just a numbering machine, they have Perforation, Scoring, Slitting as well as numbering. The Morgana FRN, Friction fed rotary numbering machine will be an incredible add to any business. The Morgana FRN has the ability to hold 4 numbering heads at any one time and it can hold up to 5 Perforation blades. If you require a jogger, we stock the Morgana System 90 Paper Jogger which complements the FSN/FRN amazingly. Ask us about buying the two together today! A Morgana numbering machine is quite simply the intelligent choice for your print business. Whatever your requirements, Morgana offer a wide range of equipment and we at Promotional Printing Machinery will do our very best to find the right machine for you. 5,500 letter size sheets an hour • Up to 5 perforating blades at one time • Up to 4 heads can be mounted at one time • Up to 18.1" x 18.1" sheet size • Up to 5 part NCR • Top Friction Feed • Adjustable platen pressure • Heavy duty high capacity operation • Load on the run Does the Morgana FSN number? Yes it does. Does the Morgana FSN number vertically and horizontally? It depends on the numbering head that you connect to the machine, you can have standard heads or convex heads (vertical length number). You can also have forwards counting heads and backwards counting heads; and numbering heads that are not just numbers, but letters as well. Can I add more than one numbering head? You can add up to 8 on each wheel of the FSN, the FSN comes with 2 wheels, but could technically be upgraded to a 4 wheel system. How many perforation and scoring wheels can the FSN take? It can take 5. What is the difference between the FRN and the FSN? FRN is a friction fed machine, the FSN is a suction fed machine. Which is better, friction or suction fed? The FSN is better for medium to long runs, the FRN is good...


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