Duplo 4000 twin tower booklet making system

Duplo 4000 twin tower booklet making system

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he Duplo 4000 Collator x 2+ Bookletmaker system Fold, Stitch, trim the most productive and technologically-advanced collating and booklet making solution in the industry . . . the System 4000! speeds of up to 5,000 booklets and 10,000 collated sets per hour'' The Duplo 10/60 Paper Collator 10 station is a high-speed suction feed vertical collator, ideal for the demands of the short run, fast turnaround print market. Compared with most suction collators on the market - Suction feed for trouble-free operation -Touch screen control for ease of set up - Air Management System to each bin delivers consistent feeding on all paper types and weights - Continuous operation thanks to block feeding mode - 120 x 148mm to 350 x 500mm paper formats - Handles litho and digital printed work - Programmable to feed alternative covers or sections - Hand marrying to feed precollated sets - Error Detection: Bin Empty - Double Feed - Mis-feed, - Cover Open - Paper Jam - Optical Mark Recognition - Downstream finisher error - Dimensions (LxWxH): 44" x 30" x 40" - Weight (lbs): 300 Trimmer Trimming Mechanism: Upper and lower shearing action Booklet Sizes (Min./Max.): 4.73” x 3.35” to 14’ x 10” Trimmed Booklet Sizes (Min./Max.):4.72” x 2.87” to 14” x 10” Trimming Margin: Up to 2.95” Cutting Thickness: Up to 50 sheets Speed: Up to 4,200 sets per hour* Bookletmaker CORNER/SIDE/TOP STITCHING APPLICATION Sheet Size (Min./Max.): 4.73” x 5.51” to 13.82” x 14.41” Paper Capacity: Up to 30 sheets Speed: Up to 4,200 sets per hour* Detection: Jam and misfeed Number of Stitcher Heads:1-4 (2 standard) Hohner heads Stitch Positions: Saddle, corner, side, none (fold only) Programmable Memory Settings:8 Automatic Functions: Stitcher heads, back jogger, side guides, stitch stopper, fold stopper and fold-back stopper positions Duplo dam 400 stacking unit for straight and offset stacking


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