Duplo 5000 Collator , Bookletmaker , Trimmer for Books Leaflets, Printing

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Duplo 5000 Collator , Bookletmaker , Trimmer for Books Leaflets, Printing

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The Duplo 5000 Paper Collator 10 station is a high-speed suction feed vertical collator, ideal for the demands of the short run, fast turnaround print market. Compared with most suction collators on the market. When it comes to booklet making systems, nothing compares to the quality 5000 system by Duplo. It offers the ideal economical & fast booklet making solution designed to maximize productivity throughout the finishing process. A Duplo system is quite simply the intelligent choice for your print business. Paper Size: Letter, legal, ledger, A#, A4, B4, Custom sizes between 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17" Paper Weight: 14-42 lbs Speed: Up to 2,000 sets per hour Error Detection: Bin Empty Double Feed Mis-feed, Cover Open Paper Jam Optical Mark Recognition Downstream finisher error Dimensions (LxWxH): 44" x 30" x 40" Weight (lbs): 300 1 x Duplo System 5000 trimmer 1 x Duplo System 5000 Dynamic Bookletmaker Can the tower collator be separated and used with a jogger? Yes, it can. Can some of the bins be used without others? Yes, some of the bins can be used without others. What can I use a digital feeder for? When your work has come from a digital printing machine, it will already be pre-collated. The digital feeder takes pre-collated sets and counts the sheets; rather than having to collate them as well. What is best for me? a collator or a digital feeder? It depends, if you're printing litho a collator is better, if you're printing digital, a digital feeder is better (if your work is pre-collated). What does the Duplo 5000 have that the 4000 doesn’t? The Duplo 5000 has a colour touch screen display that makes it easier to set up, and its programmable. How does a bookletmaking system work? It feeds the sheets in, and then it stitches or staples the middle of the sheet it then folds the sheet in half. then the fore-edge is trimmed. Finally you have a booklet! What's better Horizon or Duplo? The machines are very similar. The...


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