plockmatic 310+ 10 station Collator with 61 bookletmaker

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plockmatic 310+ 10 station Collator with 61 bookletmaker

£3,000 (GBP)

Lancaster, United Kingdom


The Plockmatic 310 collator is a 10 station collator with the capabilities to take up to an A4 or A3 sheet. With a full detection system this makes the Plockmatic and very reliable and efficient friction feed collator. 

The Plockmatic 310 has counting up or preset down counting also batching which is ideal for running pre-set amounts of stock. Ideal for collating booklets or NCR sets.

Plockmatic 61 pro, booklet-maker, auto cycle, takes up to SRA3 paper, max 22 sheets. Can be connected online with the collator or hand feed off line.

  • A powerful and extremely quiet booklet-maker.
  • A4 to A5 size, A3 to A4 size booklets.
  • Auto cycle.
  • Up to 88 page booklets.
  • Staple and fold 22 sheets 80gsm.
  • Up to 1500 booklets per hour.
  • Low staple warning.
  • Edge stapling only option.

Can the tower collator be separated and used with a jogger? Yes, it can. Can some of the bins be used without others? Yes, some of the bins can be used without others. What can I use a digital feeder for? When your work has come from a digital printing machine, it will already be pre-collated. The digital feeder takes pre-collated sets and counts the sheets; rather than having to collate them as well. What is best for me? a collator or a digital feeder? It depends, if you're printing litho a collator is better, if you're printing digital, a digital feeder is better (if your work is pre-collated). What does the Duplo 5000 have that the 4000 doesn’t? The Duplo 5000 has a colour touch screen display that makes it easier to set up, and its programmable. How does a bookletmaking system work? It feeds the sheets in, and then it stitches or staples the middle of the sheet it then folds the sheet in half. then the fore-edge is trimmed. Finally you have a booklet! What's better Horizon or Duplo? The machines are very similar. The...


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