AMS bagging machine

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AMS bagging machine

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Lancaster, United Kingdom


The Mailbag is a cost effective, fast and efficient way to enclose and mail direct marketing material, without the use of an envelope. Up to 1300 mail packs can be processed per hour and the Mailbag magazine wrapping machine will automatically adjust the cut to the length of the mailing piece without the need to manually adjust the settings. The Mailbag magazine wrapping machine, which is easy and safe to operate, uses low cost roll-fed poly and can wrap items up to 250mm wide including A4 and A5 packs. The magazine wrapping system is also an ideal accompaniment for quickly correcting errors that have occurred through larger equipment processes. A new 2019 addition to the magazine wrapping machine is that it can be used with compostable film which is increasingly popular with consumers. The compostable film adaptor can even be fitted to existing Mailbags for a small charge.


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