Adpak B700 Automatic Sleeve Wrapper with Infeed Conveyor


Adpak B700 Automatic Sleeve Wrapper with Infeed Conveyor

£6,000 (GBP)

Lancaster, United Kingdom


This Adpak B700 fully automatic sleeve wrapper with in feed conveyor and built in heat shrink tunnel is an all-in-one high speed sleeve shrink wrapping unit capable of wrapping up to 20 products per minute at full speed. To effectively achieve a product wrapping speed of 10 products per minute or more the machinery has to be fully automatic. This means that the products to be wrapped are delivered into the machine by an automated in feed conveyor so once the products are on the conveyor it doesn't need to be handled again until exiting the heat tunnel where it will be fully shrink wrapped in polythene film ready for transportation. The Adpak B700 is controlled via a Siemens PLC and digital display making operation extremely safe and easy for the user. If a moving part is out of position or an access hatch left open the machine will not start the user can then refer to the display panel where details of the safety cut out is active allowing the user to quickly remedy the fault and bring the machinery back online safely. Adpak B700 Machine Features: - Heavy duty teflon coated sealing blade - Digital temperature adjustment of sealing blade and heat shrink tunnel - Siemens PLC controlled - Clear Perspex guarding with safety cut outs allow easy visibility of the sealing process - Extremely high machine build quality reducing maintenance - Cooling fan allow rapid cooling of temperature sensitive product after exiting the heat tunnel - Power film unwind rollers allow lighter products to be wrapped with ease - Pneumatic clamp holds lightweight products in place during the sealing process - Simple routing of film allows quick and easy film changes The Adpak B700 specifications: Max Product Width - 440mm Max Product Height - 400mm Infeed Conveyor Max 4m Min 2m - Electrical supply: 415V 3-Phase - Mono chamber tunnel - Motorised film unwind


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