GBC 4500 Pro Pouch Laminator

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GBC 4500 Pro Pouch Laminator

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Lancaster, United Kingdom


GBC 4500 Pro - Probably the most common heavy duty pouch laminating solution on the UK Market. The key to their success is the ability to offer a digitally controlled high volume pouch laminating solution that is both reliable and very easy to use. The GBC Pro Series of pouch laminators are probably the most common heavy duty pouch laminating solutionon the UK Market and can be found in virtually all corporate print rooms. The key to their success is the ability to offer a high end digitally controlled high volume pouch laminating solution that is both reliable and very easy to use in any environment. Everyday users find the GBC Pro Series pouch laminators provide a perfect solution for enhancing the appeal of printed documents whilst also protecting them from damage. This low cost, heavy duty, high performance laminator range with advanced hot roller technology offer a variety of applications including low volume cold laminating. Variable speed, auto reverse and temperature controls come as standard via the digital LCD display. The Pro Series will laminate with a high standard of finish a wide range of materials such as Maps, Menus, Manuals, Posters, Price Lists, Certificates, Business Cards, ID and Membership Cards as well as a host of other materials to look better and last longer. Why buy? For business owners The GBC Pro Series offer business owners a reliable, high performance, robust and easy to use every day laminating solution that offers a wide range of capabilities. The clear and precise LCD display controls all actions from one point ensuring quick and easy setup every time. Pre-programmed jobs are also stored with easy repeat work and an auto standby mode ensures power consumption is kept to a minimum. Heated rollers ensure the best results with class leading speed and finish quality every time. An absolute must for any busy office, reprographics studio or copy shop. Why buy? For operators Easy to use, flexible in use, reliable and heavy duty for continued use within a busy office, copy shop or reprographics studio. Clear and precise controls for the speed, temperature and ready indicators ensure you get perfect results every time no matter which product you are looking to improve and protect. Safe and simple to use, just slip your material to be laminated in to the ready made plastic pouch, feed it in to the laminator and in seconds you have an attractively laminated document. No need to costly and troublesome carriers, the Pro Series are designed for carrier free operation. Highlights • LCD Controls for Speed and Temperature Settings • Auto Reverse to Avoid Costly Jams • Hot and Cold Applications • Heavy Duty Design for constant use • Heated rollers for bubble free photo lamination • One touch pre-set function keys • Available in A3 and A2 Sizes • Carrier Free Operation • Silent in operation • Perfect for packaging, copy shop, print room or volume printer Typical Applications • Encapsulation • Laminating Maps, Menus. Membership Cards, ID cards etc • Protecting valuable or important documents • Photograph laminating • Low volume foiling requirements


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