Sfere Emballage TL50.40 SM L-bar Shrink Wrapping Machine


Sfere Emballage TL50.40 SM L-bar Shrink Wrapping Machine

£1,500 Exclusive of VAT

Lancaster, United Kingdom



Semiautomatic intermittent motion over wrapper machine and tunnel, suitable to bundle the product using shrinkable film, which guarantees high productivity, reliability, accuracy in bundling and easy use. Its original functioning criterion, along with its simple manufacturing concepts, are particularly appreciated by its users. The unit adopts the most up-to-date manufacturing technologies. 


Pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics, food, dietary, medical devices, manufacturing. 


The unit is a semiautomatic machine for vertical stacking and shrink wrapping of products. The time for size change to other blister sizes is very short. PLC equipped and with low noise level. The controls and gages of the electrical control cabinet are centrally located and arranged for maximum operating convenience. The most important controls are protected by a transparent lockable cover on the panel. Painted steel construction, infeed product guides with belts. Equipped with tunnel for the heat shrinking of the film. Automatic mechanical descent of the welding frame. Permanently heated welding device. Variable speed tape. Strong and balanced ventilation that facilitates the thermal transfer of air from the film, which has the practical effect of restricting all the films to a lower temperature with a shorter heat exposure time. Height adjustment of the entire ejection plane and of the tunnel conveyor, depending on the size of the load: no fall, better retraction and energy saving.


Length mm 2480

Width mm 1000

Height mm 1450

Net weight Kg 360

Current A 10

Frequency Hz 50

Voltage Volt 400


Packaging material PVC, polyolefin, polyethylene, polypropylene

Max product length 680 mm

Max product height 220 mm

Product weight 0.25-10 kg

Max roll diameter 600 mm

Welding arm dimensions 490 x 390 mm


ManufacturerSfere Emballage
ModelTL50.40 SM
Stock Number2306