Frequently asked Questions for Paper Folders

Why would I want to use a paper folder?

Paper folders make it possible to fold a lot of paper in a fraction of the time it would take someone to fold it manually. A paper folder is not only faster, but also far more precise and less likely for error where as human error does happen.

How robust is a paper folder?

This depends on the paper folder. Some entry-level paper folders will burn out the motor if used continuously, especially desktop models designed for the occasional letter. Where as the large machines are designed for the use continuously.

What are folding plates?

Most paper folders use folding plates to fold paper. Folding plates are what are used to determine the type of fold. As paper runs through a paper folder, it bounces off the folding plates, which determines exactly where the roller will crease and fold the paper.

Can I use glossy paper with a paper folder?

Friction feed paper folders do not work well with glossy paper. This is because the friction rollers tend to slip on glossy paper. We recommend using an air-powered (pneumatic) paper folder for glossy paper. If you like, you can send in samples of glossy paper to be tested on our machines.

Do paper folders include paper counters?

Some paper folders do include paper counters and batch counters. This depends entirely on the model. We do, however, sell after-market counters that can be used with your paper folder.