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Automatic Watkiss SpineMaster (Squareback)

Automatic Watkiss Spinemaster. This machine square backs booklets, it gives the appearance of perfectly bound books but with the security of a stitched spine. It can be connected to your Watkiss Booket making system or can be stand alone.

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Automatic Watkiss SpineMaster (Squareback) Details

The SpineMaster post-processes traditional stitch-fold booklets and transforms them into SquareBack™ booklets. These are flat and easy to pack, stack and handle. There is no risk of loose pages - you can even print on the spine. It gives added value and it is faster, more convenient and cheaper than perfect binding.

The SpineMaster connects online to most booklet makers. It fits after the trimmer units and the unique SquareBack™ process ensures that no additional trimming is required. It can also be used as a stand-alone machine.

Traditional stitch-fold booklets are transformed into SquareBack™ booklets.
SpineMaster SquareBack™ booklets are the preferred choice of print buyers due to their professional appearance.
Booklets can be opened flat without damaging the spine.
Overall bulk is reduced by at least one third.
Flat booklets are easy to handle, stack and pack.
SquareBack™ booklets can carry print on the spine, just like a perfect bound book.
Hand-feed or operate online, the choice is yours.

Production: up to 1750 per hour
Max/Min Input Size: 80 x 120mm to 250 x 350mm

Booklet Thickness
Min: 1mm
Max: 6.5mm

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