Whether you’re a regular browser of eBay or have been looking for a machine in particular, you may have come across the scourge that are ‘eBay scammers’.

When I say scammers, I mean the people who sell machines they don’t have, take your money and disappear; then there is nothing you can do about it because you paid by bank transfer – the banks don’t care – and the guy said he’d do free delivery so you have no idea where he is or what he’s called!

Here are a few tell-tale signs and tips to help you avoid getting scammed out of YOUR money.


If something seems too good to be true, it usually is!

‘Oh a beautiful Polar 92 for sale, perfect working condition, only £3000 with free delivery! He said if I pay by bank transfer right now he will delivery it tomorrow’

Yeah, right. These things just don’t happen. Be vigilant.



Does the person selling the above machine have zero feedback and created their account the day they listed the machine? Yes?


Maybe they made their account just to get rid of an old guillotine they had but, this is a tell-tale sign so if this happens, ask more questions or keep reading to see more tips on keeping a hold of your money!


Ask for a company name

Ask for their company name or an invoice with a letterhead, then all you have to do is google it! If it’s a registered company something will come up! Whether it be on the Government website or on advertisement websites.


Collect the machine yourself and pay cash if you are suspicious

In this case if said seller is in fact a scammer, you will:

A) be blocked or;

B) be talked into paying beforehand via bank transfer thus being scammed or; declining, go back to part A.



Notice how all of our machines are photographed in front of the same roller shutter door? We do not allow anyone else to use our images or advertise on behalf of us; so, if you see a photo of a machine in front of our door, not being sold by us something isn’t right.

Maybe search google images and have a quick glance, because the scammer got their picture from somewhere online. See if you can see that beautiful Polar 92 you were about to buy for £3000... only sold by someone else 6 months ago for 5 times the price!

Follow these guidelines and you should be fine! If not, just buy the machine from us - ours are probably nicer anyway ;)